specialty breads

Nothing beats the enticing aroma of fresh, warm bread.

Since its early beginning in 300 B.C., bread has become a source of delectable comfort. Generations have toyed with recipes, added a little bit here and there, and created a host of flavor from bread’s core ingredients: flour, water, salt, and yeast.

Our team of creative chefs and bakers are bringing bread recipes from the far corners of the globe. From local recipes to our favorites from Europe, Mikkelsen’s Pastry Shop in Naples, Florida bakes up a selection of recipes along with imports others from an exceptional European bakery.

Make bread the talk of the table! You never have to worry about a stale bite with us. Our team only uses fresh, quality ingredients for exquisite flavor and texture. Trust us when we say you’ll taste the difference!

Specialty Bread from Mikkelsen’s Pastry Shop

5 Grain Bread
Set aside a slice of 5 Grain Bread for every meal. Pairing nicely with soups and salads, every loaf is baked with the finest, natural ingredients. Enjoy a healthy dose of fiber with every mouthful.

Banana Bread
Who says that bread can’t be sweet! Take a bite of our delectable banana bread for a luxurious breakfast or special mid-day snack. Our banana bread is baked fresh, delicately crafted for that perfect ratio of banana flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the loaf.

Cranberry Nut Bread
Sweet and crunchy—now that’s what we’re talking about! Choose a sweet alternative and give breakfast a tasty new twist!

Apple Crumb Bread
Apples and cinnamon are always a winning combination, but paired with bread it transcends into heaven! Give your tastebuds a treat with a variety of flavours and textures that will keep you craving for more!

Strawberry Crumb Bread
If you thought our Apple Crumb Bread was delicious, just wait until you take a bite of our Strawberry Crumb Bread. These are a few of our favorite things!

Parker House Rolls
Taste the beauty of simple things. Parker House Rolls can be added to every meal. These plush rolls add a warmth to the table.

Specialty Bread in Southwest Florida

Have a question or special request? Contact us online or give us a call at 239-596-5996 to see what we have in stock! Our selection varies from day-to-day, so take a drive and stop by our pastry shop located in north Naples!

We have something for every taste!

For large or specific orders, please call us ahead of time. This allows us time to meet your needs and exceed your expectations by delivering the highest quality bread.

Trust us, you knead it!

Specialty Breads