birthday cakes

Let Mikkelsen’s Pastry Shop in Naples, Florida help you or a loved one celebrate an upcoming birthday with a custom cake design that will leave you saying, “Wow!” With fair pricing and phenomenal artistry, we guarantee a custom birthday cake design that looks as good as it tastes. Our assorted flavors are rich with options, including fillings that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Mikkelsen’s Pastry Shop has produced birthday cakes for families as well as corporate-level celebrations. With decades of experience in the hospitality and pastry industries, we have developed a fond reputation within the community for our friendly service, talent, taste, and reliability.

How to Order a Custom Birthday Cake

All orders start with an inquiry. Reach out to Mikkelsen’s either by phone at 239-596-5996 or send us an e-mail with a description of the cake you want, which flavor(s), and any reference photos (if you have them). Our e-mail address is Be sure to include the deadline your cake needs to be completed on. We will review your request and respond with our availability, as well as a quote.

Not sure how to convey your idea? We encourage you to start with an image illustrating what you want. It doesn’t have to be exact. You can tell us what you like and what you would want to change in comparison to that reference. Afterward, we’ll evaluate it to determine how closely we can replicate the concept.

Curious to know more about our flavors? Talk to us about setting an appointment. We can provide a consultation where you’ll select your own luscious and flavorful combination of ingredients. From fillings to icing to hand-crafted, edible decorations, you can count on your birthday cake looking and tasting fantastic.

Delivery Options

Planning an event can be difficult enough. Making sure a custom-made birthday cake arrives in time and in one piece can sometimes be the peace of mind you need when orchestrating a special day. Mikkelsen’s Pastry Shop offers local delivery services in Naples and Bonita Springs. If your event is located in one of these two cities, we can promise a safe and on-time delivery for $40.

Let’s Talk About Your Custom Birthday Cake!

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan a birthday cake. Give us a call at 239-596-5996 for details, fees, and to make your reservation! Handcrafted work like ours takes time, so you won’t want to delay. Contact us today and we’ll start planning the birthday cake of your dreams!

If you still have questions, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. Many of our most common inquiries we receive are answered there! If you don’t see what you’re looking for within our list of answers, then please feel free to reach out to us by e-mail or by phone during business hours. Keep in mind that Monday through Friday are the best times to reach us by phone, as Saturday is our busiest day of the week.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The prices below are for basic cake designs only. Because prices vary for specialty or custom cakes, we ask that you please call for exact quotes.
6″ 4 – 6 $31.00 $33.50
8″ 6 – 10 $45.00 $47.50
9″ 10 – 15 $52.00 $56.50
10″ 15 – 20 $61.00 $65.50
12″ 25 – 35 $86.00 $90.50
14″ 40 – 50 $112.00 $117.00
16″ 55 – 70 $130.00 $137.00
Quarter Sheet Cake 20 – 25 $71.00 $80.00
Half Sheet Cake 40 – 50 $112.00 $122.00
Full Sheet Cake 80 – 100 $179.00 $188.00