breakfast pasrties

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Rise and shine, southwest Florida! 

Greet the day with a little dose of sugar and step out with a smile! Breakfast pastries are baked fresh everyday, propelling you throughout the day! Nothing warms the belly and wakes up the mind quite like Mikkelsen’s Pastry Shop’s breakfast pastries!

Indulge in the sweet and savory flavors and let the warmth fill every sense. There’s nothing like an extra dose of happiness to instantly make the morning better. Our team is up early every morning, preparing daily pastries from scratch, so you can enjoy something different each day. 

We offer only the best cream, jam, or fruit-filled delicacies to our Southwest Florida customers. Try our selection of danishes, croissants, muffins, and more inside our shop at 1068 Business Lane or order a batch for your home, event, or business. With several flavors to choose from, we pride ourselves in being able to cater to your tongue’s desires.

Something For Everyone 

Breakfast can be a test for the most patient. Everyone always wants something different; where someone will crave sweet, another prefers savory. Thankfully our pastry shop makes it easier for everyone!

Choose from our tasty variety of pastries that the whole family—or office!—will love! 

Sticky Buns

Sticky buns are the perfect combination for someone looking for sweet and savory. Dig into one of our famous sticky buns and discover how many flavors can come from one pan!

New England Crumb Cake

A pastry so beautiful, you won’t even want to eat it! We certainly hope you do though! New England Crumb Cake is a Mikkelsen Favorite! You just can’t go wrong with this fluffy combination of cake, powdered sugar, and magic! 


So good and so versatile, our danishes come in a variety of flavors to choose from. Pick one of your favorite flavors or pick an assortment for the whole family! 

Filled Croissant

How can you make a croissant better, you ask? Fill it with delicious, warm goodness! Our filled croissant’s are the perfect way to start any day! 


You only need to have a croissant once to understand why they’ve stood the test of time. Flaky, warm, and oh so comforting, our croissants are baked to perfection so you can enjoy a delicious and filling treat in the morning. Eat it with butter or jam, or simply by itself! There’s no wrong way to eat a croissant! 


You many not be familiar with kringles but you are about to be! Kringles are a Scandinavian delight that’s reminiscent to a pretzel. Kringles can be made as sweet, savory, or a delicate combination of both! Come in and try one for yourself!  


The best way to enjoy a hot cup of tea is with a scone by the saucer’s side. Enjoy scones of several flavors for your afternoon tea, or pick up a box and surprise your family! 


What do you get when you mix a croissant with a doughnut? Heaven! You need to try it to believe it! 

Breakfast Gone Wild 

Just call us ahead of time at 239-596-5996 to whip up a large or custom order. Or pay us a visit and try a bite of one of the many pastries, tarts, and cakes on display inside our shop. Whatever you choose, we’re sure you’ll love it!

Pastries Price
Large Pretzels $4.00 each
Crumb Top Breads $8.00 each
Sticky Buns Med. $3.00 each Lrg. $4.25 each
Danishes • Pain aux Raisin Med. $3.00 each Lrg. $3.75 each
Bear Claws Med. $3.00 each Lrg. $3.75 each
Muffins Med. $2.15 each Lrg. $3.10 each
Croissant Med $2.50 each Lrg. $3.50 each
Filled Croissant Med. $3.25 each Lrg. $4.25 each
Cinnamon Rolls Med. $2.25 each Lrg. $3.75 each
Scones Sm. $2.00 each Med. $3.3.25 each Lrg. $4.25 each
Cronuts Plain $4.00 each (filled – $4.50 each)
New England Crumb Cake 10″ $19.00
Kringles $19.50 each (with Fruit – $22.00 each)
Cardamon Strip $15.00 each