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Description of our products:

  • Buttercream – Our buttercream is a mixture of fresh egg whites that have been brought to the soft peak stage and have had sugar syrup that has been cooked to 240 degrees F and added to the whites than cooled in our mixer until we add whole whipped butter. This buttercream can be flavored to your specific desire.
  • Fondant – Fondant is a mixture of powdered sugar, corn syrup, gelatin and water. This mixture is mixed into a paste which is kneaded into a dough. The dough is then rolled out and covers the cake.
  • Rolled White Chocolate – Rolled white chocolate is a mixture of 3 parts white chocolate and 1 part corn syrup. It is cooled and rolled out and covers the cake. This covering has a more flavorful taste than fondant and has a yellow chocolate color.


  • Strawberry Grand Marnier – fresh sliced strawberries with vanilla cream filling and a touch of Grand Marnier
  • Chocolate Mousse – dark or white chocolate mousse
  • Tiramisu – the Italian Mascarpone cheese, sabayon, and coffee essence
  • Fruit Mousses – Raspberry, mango, key lime, pina colada, coconut, banana, etc.