our flavors

Our buttercream is a mixture of fresh egg whites that have been brought to the soft peak stage and have had sugar syrup that has been cooked to 240 degrees F and added to the whites than cooled in our mixer until we add whole whipped butter. This buttercream can be flavored to your specific desire.
Rolled White Chocolate
Rolled white chocolate is a mixture of 3 parts white chocolate and 1 part corn syrup. It is cooled and rolled out and covers the cake. This covering has a more flavorful taste than fondant and has a yellow chocolate color.
Strawberry Grand Marnier
Fresh sliced strawberries with vanilla cream filling and a touch of Grand Marnier
Chocolate Mousse
Dark or white chocolate mousse
The Italian Mascarpone cheese, sabayon, and coffee essence
Fruit Mousses
Raspberry, mango, key lime, pina colada, coconut, banana, etc.